Inspirational workshops at Tailor Made Living

Inspirational workshops at Tinker Tailor

Those of you who are familiar with my story will know that Tailor Made Living was born from a desire to make a lifelong dream come true and from the need to bring a much needed service to my north London community. Put simply: I had always wanted to run my own business and I couldn't shop the way I wanted to on my high street. 

After years of soul searching I finally took the plunge in early 2016 and began my entrepreneurial journey. I had no experience and absolutely no idea what I was doing, I made educating myself a priority. I read books and blogs and I attended many workshops and seminars where I learnt from people who generously shared their knowledge and experience with me. Arming myself with the right tools put me where I am today.

Inspirational workshops at Tinker Tailor

I believe passionately in life long learning, in exchanging ideas and in networking with like-minded people. To that end, I have made the Tailor Made Living Store available for workshops and meet ups. 

Since we opened our doors we have hosted several business groups on a regular basis, we have held blogging and social media workshops and fabulously fun creative workshops such a modern calligraphy, arm knitting and macrame workshops to name but a few! 

I am currently working on our events calendar for the year ahead. You can keep up to date with upcoming workshops and events via the workshops and events tab on our site and please get in touch if you have ant ideas or suggestions you would like to share. 

Antonia x