About Us

​It's the details that can elevate everyday moments. I started our company with the concept that beautiful things can lift even the most normal of days - a handmade mug that feels just right for your morning coffee or an easy to wear dress that makes doing the school run just that bit more glamorous.

For me style should be effortless, it's about feeling together and truly making the most of these moments in our busy day-to-day without any fuss. 

For years I had struggled to find a store that reflected my love of a neutral colour palette, Mediterranean roots that stocked those special pieces I craved to give my home a polished yet comforting feel to host my family and friends in. So, I embarked on creating a space I could find them all in one place for myself.

Drawing on my Mediterranean heritage and the traditions I learned in those sunlit filled days and combining it with the calm chic look curated by Scandinavians, Tailor Made Living became my concept for all that is effortlessly stylish for you and your home. 

Our aesthetic gives a nod to the natural and neutral and is purposely timeless with pieces you'll enjoy living with now and for many years to come. We carefully select each and every piece to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, sourcing special brands and pieces that enhance your everyday.

I hope they make you feel good, effortlessly.

Antonia Sanchez-Toomey - Founder and Creative Director