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Timeless neutrals and metallics

Timeless neutrals and metallics

Metallic and neutral accessories are the backbone of every stylish wardrobe. They somehow have the magic ability of elevating everyday basics into something altogether more interesting. 

Simple jeans and white t-shirts can be pulled into an elegant ensemble with the addition of just a few metallic touches. Handbags in neutral shades make my heart skip a beat, they ooze old school glamour and make me think of stylish Italian women.  

Shine on

This season I have incorporated a wider range of jewellery from TML favourite Tutti & Co,  as well as fashion accessories and lifestyle goods in a metallic and neutral colour palette which is both elegant and calming.


We don't have many places to be at the moment (thank you Covid-19) but popping on a luxe pair of gold earrings or joining the supermarket queue with a smart handbag that makes you feel a million dollars is worth its weight in gold. Add a red lip for extra feel-good vibes. 

Antonia x