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Summer Home Updates That Won't Break The Bank

Summer Home Updates That Won't Break The Bank

It's fair to say that 2022 isn't shaping up to be the jolly old year we thought it might be. We're all feeling the pinch yet we still want to celebrate the advent of summer and look forward to enjoying our homes and entertaining the moths ahead.
In more prosperous times we may have rushed out at the first sight of sunshine and bought some new outdoor accessories. Incidentally, our new season products have just landed at Tailor Made Living which are just perfect for summer living - but if shopping doesn't feel quite right for you at the moment, I've got some simple ideas that will bring a feeling of newness to your home with little to no expense at all. 

  • Get Organised - we tend to accumulate a fair bit of clutter during the colder months: heavy blankets, stacks of books, candles, slow cookers and such likeIn short, things that make our homes feel comforting and cosy but as the days grow longer and the temperature rises a light touch around the home is what we crave. Take a minimalist approach, reclaim surfaces and cupboard spaces by clearing out and storing away things you no longer need. Swap heavy linens for lighter options and keep your colour palette fresh and crisp. Accessorise with greenery and metallic accents and you're ready for the new season.
  • Rearrange your furniture - I remember my mum doing this every six months, we'd come home from school to find the living room back to front! It's the simplest and quickest way to create an impact, it's also a great opportunity to re-home surplus furniture into other rooms. 
  • Add greenery - head to the garden centre and add a few plants to your living space or opt for a completely free option and ask your friends and family for clippings of their favourite plants. Style them in our beautiful Artichoke Pot. 

  • Add fairy lights - fairy lights and festoon lights look magical in the summer. They work beautifully both indoors and outdoors regardless the size of the space. Add inexpensive bunting and you've got yourself a delightful summer garden party look. 
  • Upgrade soft furnishings - Most of us have extra cushion covers hidden in a drawer somewhere, get them out and change the look of your sofa and arm chairs 
  • Tackle small DIY projects - that grubby wall you've been meaning to freshen, the picture propped up against the wall that hasn't actually made it 'on to' the wall yet. The up-cycle project, the door handles you've been meaning to change... you get the picture. If you want to give your home a lift without breaking the bank this is a great place to start!


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