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Refresh your home without spending any money and using what you already have

Refresh your home without spending any money and using what you already have

If you are anything like me a new season always brings with it a desire to shake things up and refresh my home. The thought of a new school year and long evenings stretching out ahead of me make me want to get organised and prepare for peak cosy season.

That said, September tends to be an expensive month for most people, you're either spending all your money on school uniform or you're economising after a hedonistic summer. This year the need to balance finances will likely be greater than ever which is why I want to share a few thoughts on ways in which you can refresh your home without spending a penny.

Repurpose items you already have - that pretty basket you store your blankets or kids toys in would make a lovely plant pot, just make sure you line it first! To give you an example, I recently broke the handle on my favourite Anthropologie mug but I didn't throw it away, now it doubles up as a gorgeous mini planter! 

Move things around - I always remember my mum moving furniture around when I was a child, some layouts were more successful than others but it always made rooms feel brand new. If moving furniture is a step too far, turn your attention to artwork, prints and soft furnishings - ask yourself if they could work elsewhere and get creative. 

Play around with colour - there are several things you can do with colour that can be visually striking. You can easily add a pop of colour with a cushion or throw or if you are feeling more adventurous, why now try grouping items in the same colour palette together? Consider colour combinations you haven't tried before, you might surprise yourself. 

Pull it off and you could end up with a chic, high-end feel. Use anything from trinkets to vintage finds, photo frames, prints, vases - anything goes, just settle on a colour scheme and go with it.  

Plants, greenery and flowers - I'm a big fan of all of these, they help bring a room to life. Most supermarkets do a cracking range of affordable plants. However, if fresh flowers and plants are a bit of a stretch, I suggest a small investment in dried flowers or grasses. They are so on-trend and last a good couple of years so good value for money.

English hydrangea are abundant at this time of year and they dry beautifully. I'm sure you could get your hands on some for free if you ask family and friends for a few stems. I cut a bunch last year and let them dry out in a vase, it was so easy and they're still going strong.  

I hope this post gives you some ideas for a little home refresh. Feel free to share your own ideas with me and don't forget to tag me on Instagram if you decide to have a go!

Antonia x 

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