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Making Sense of Marketing in Times of Trouble

Making Sense of Marketing in Times of Trouble

It's a personal one this time. I wanted to give you an insight into how we're navigating these turbulent times at Tailor Made Living. I've searched for the right words but they elude me so I'm taking a deep dive in and sharing my jumbled up thoughts with you.

We all thought things we looking up yet here we are, plunged back into a state of fear and worry for our way of life. We fret about those who are experiencing the horrors of war and we wonder what it will mean for us. News coverage is relentless and I for one, have made the decision to tune in only once a day. 

On a personal level I've been feeling conflicted. Grateful and heartbroken yet in some ways guilty for the having the privilege of safety. I try to make sense of the senseless and help in the best way I can knowing the everyone around me is feeling the same way.

Then there's the business side of me that is grappling with all sorts of dilemmas I wasn't prepared for: what do I say to my customers? Is it ok to continue marketing and selling our products? Do we need to make a formal statement? How can we help? 

Historically, I have always stayed well away from politics on social media because well, you know, how it can be... I watched from the sidelines as I worked out what to do and seen fellow brands accused of profiteering or simply 'helping' in the wrong way.

It's a challenging time to be a business owner. The cost of living in the UK has risen to levels not seen in 30 years. We're worried and we tightening our belts. In normal circumstances, I would increase my marketing activity and shout from the rooftops about Tailor Made Living but this time it feels icky.

Then again, if I don't the business suffers. Yes we can be flexible and agile, it worked so well for many of us during the pandemic, but we are also very vulnerable and this time there won't be any handouts. Avoiding the uncomfortable subject of selling and marketing in times of trouble has a direct impact on employees and the communities small businesses like mine serve. 

So if you see me jumping up and down on your Instagram feed getting excited about new season drops or incredible gift ideas, know that this is me being a responsible business owner doing her duty: keeping the high street alive and ensuring staff stay employed and you stocked with beautiful lifestyle goods! #keeponkeepingon

Antonia x

PS: Special mention to Holly Tucker, Chris Melville and Catherine Erdly for sharing their wisdom across their platforms.