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Join, the home fragrance brand you need to know about

Join, the home fragrance brand you need to know about

Ok, so if you’ve been following my antics on social media for a while you’ll know that:

A - I have been a stockist of Join products since I opened in 2017 and B - that Jenna, founder of Join and I are close friends. So it’ll come as no surprise to you that I’m prepared to shout from the rooftops about it. 

Being so close to Jenna and so experienced in selling Join products means that I am well placed to tell you about the quality and many virtues of these home fragrances made with so much love and integrity. 

The number one thing you need to know about Join is that every candle is made 100% by hand. I don’t just mean hand-poured which is a labelling trick that brands use to make products sound homemade and natural. With Join you get the real deal. Jenna blends every fragrance using only 100% essential oils and melts the soy wax before pouring it into amber jars and labelling each one herself. The boxes are made from recycled card and vegetable inks are used to print the labels. 

There are many more products in the ever-growing Join family and they are all made with the same love and integrity as the candles. 

My favourite fragrances are Bay & Rosemary, Hedgerow and Lavender... Oh! and Noel, the new Christmas candle which is to die for and flew off my shelves this Christmas. Warming and slightly sweet, evocative of every wonderful Christmas you ever had. 

Home fragrances have become a part of my daily routines and I’d struggle to live without them. I light Bay & Lavender in the kitchen after clearing the breakfast dishes for a lovely clean and fresh smell. Lavender hits the spot in the evenings to help me relax before bed. Our best sellers are High Tide (citrusy) and Hedgerow (feminine and floral).

Have you ever tried one of Join’s candles? Which is your favourite?