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Clean, Fresh and Organised

Clean, Fresh and Organised

Is there anything more satisfying that a good decluttering session? No, I didn't think so! At Tailor Made Living we've got a whole host of storage solutions and sustainable cleaning accessories to make cleaning and organising a breeze this January!

If you need some motivation, these super quick decluttering tips should help to get you started:  

One room at a time - sounds obvious but focus on one room at a time or you risk feeling overwhelmed. Do it thoroughly and set yourself the task of tackling the next room once you're done. 

Chuck the rubbish out first - Start by removing all the stuff that has no purpose such as packaging, things that are broken, magazines for recycling etc. this should be a quick and easy task that will allow you to make a better assessment of the things you really want to keep, clean and tidy away. 

Make piles of items that belong in other rooms - Hairbrush in the living room? Mugs in the living room? Shoes in the kitchen? We've all been there, things just have a way of turning up in places they shouldn't be so decide where they belong and make piles accordingly so you can eventually put them in their rightful place. 

Let go of things you don't use - not rocket science but if you haven't used it in a while and if it doesn't spark joy as Marie Kondo would say, LET IT GO! 

Antonia x

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