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How to Create a Calm and Positive Home

How to Create a Calm and Positive Home

I'm writing this post slap bang in the middle of the third UK wide lockdown and like the rest of the population, I can't say I'm enjoying it. 

We are a family of five, 2 adults working from home and 3 teenagers trying to navigate this already complex time of life along with home schooling. Tempers are frayed and my home which I love so much, often feels like the last place I want to be. 

I like to think of home as my sanctuary but lately it has felt increasingly like a noisy and messy prison cell!

In an effort to restore a sense of calm and positivity to our home, I took some time out to think about the rituals that make me feel good and planned to bring more of that into our life. 

Create order

Not exactly a spring clean but give yourself time to have a little tidy up, especially in the rooms where you spend the most time. Recycle old magazines, do your filing, put things you don't use away etc. the idea is to remove clutter from your environment. Tidy house, calm mind, isn't that what they say? You might want to take a look at our collection of baskets and crates to help you with this task. 

Home Scents 

Scents are an important sensory feature of our homes that is often overlooked. How a room smells can create positive or negative associations so it's crucial to get it right.

Citrus scents like Serendipity or High Tide can be very energising and suited to a work space whereas floral scents such a Halcyon work better in areas where you typically enjoy relaxing. 

Plant Power

It is a well known fact that plants can make us feel more relaxed plus, green is a colour that our brain finds naturally soothing so it makes sense to bring some into your living space. If you aren't green-fingered opt for a low maintenance variety such as the snake plant which needs very little care. Browse our collection of planters here. 

Elevate everyday moments

I have always been a firm believer that surrounding yourself with useful but beautiful things can really help to elevate those everyday moments by helping to create a modest sense of luxury.

Need a notepad? Treat yourself to one that makes you smile. Need to drink more water? Why not add some slices of lemon to water served in an elegant a carafe? Keep a hand cream and lip balm at your desk so you can indulge in tiny moments of self-care. 

I promise you'll feel a hundred times better! 

Antonia x