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Beat the January blues

Beat the January blues

January is such a drag in normal circumstances but throw in a pandemic and oh! my goodness this has to be toughest start to the year EVER! 

It's miserable outside, we can't go anywhere or see anyone and it's still ages until payday. If you've got a dose of the January blues, I wholeheartedly sympathise but there is hope on the horizon and lots of simple ways to make yourself feel better. 

I'm currently working on brining the feel good factor into my days in a number of simple and free/ inexpensive ways:

1. Do your favourite thing - sounds obvious but make time for the (small) things that make you happy. Watching your favourite movie, painting your toenails or dancing around your kitchen can instantly lift your mood so go for it!

2. Get out and about - it's pretty much the only thing we're allowed to do during this 3rd (UK) lockdown so don't pass up the opportunity to get some fresh air and exercise. Add a podcast and it's pure escapism. I'm currently listening to Table Manners, How to Fail with Elizabeth Day. Tom Allen's memoir, No Shame, on Audible makes me laugh out loud, well worth a listen. 

'Make time for the things that make you happy'

3. Set yourself new goals - The Corona Virus pandemic has wreaked havoc with our mental health. I for one, subscribe to the 'one day at a time' school of thought but I do also believe that setting a few simple goals is good for us. It can really help you to focus. 

For me, it's about small achievable goals that will keep my mind occupied and keep negative thoughts at bay. So whether it's finishing that novel you started months ago, keeping fit or cooking a new recipe - set yourself a new challenge and go for it!

4. Treat yourself - there are some really inexpensive ways to treat yourself that will cheer you in no time: a bunch of flowers, a copy of your favourite magazine, an indulgent soak in the bath or a huge slice of cake will do wonders for your state of mind. 

5. Create a sanctuary for yourself - ok, this one could be challenging if you have small children or if space is at a premium with entire families locked in 24/7 but if you can carve out a little bit of space for yourself it's well worth doing. My bedroom is the only place I can retreat to at the moment so I've made a point of keeping it really tidy and adding a few decorative touches including scented candles and a new throw. Plus I've moved my stack unread magazines to my bedside so I can escape to my special place for some peace and quiet. 

As luck would have it our new collection of nordic inspired homewares has just landed full of calming colour and textures. You'll find beautiful pieces that will elevate little corners of your home. There perfect tonic for these turbulent times!

Antonia x